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Florida adds 11,466 coronavirus cases and 128 more deaths, Brevard at 3,927 and 327k cases statewide

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This is the 3rd straight day with over 10,000 new cases.

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Almost all people infected with coronavirus survive, but those who do succumb usually die two or more weeks after they are diagnosed. The most vulnerable to death and hospitalization are those over 65 or who have health issues such as diabetes, weakened immune systems or obesity.

Coronavirus is the state’s deadliest infectious disease, killing three times more Floridians a day than flu/pneumonia, AIDS and viral hepatitis combined.

The U.S. has the most fatalities by far, followed by Brazil with over 76,000, the United Kingdom with over 45,000, Mexico with over 37,000, Italy with over 35,000, France with over 30,000, and Spain with over 28,000.

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