EDC – Election Development Commission?

Lynda Weatherman
President & CEO Space Coast EDC

Is the Economic Development Commission (EDC) of the Space Coast now a Political organization?  The Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast is an innovative, countywide, not-for-profit partnership between the Brevard County Commission and the Space Coast business community. 

Interesting how President and CEO Lynda Weatherman was making phone calls to EDC members 1-2 days before the end of the October reporting period soliciting campaign contributions for County Commission Chair Kristine Isnardi who voted to support her EDC budget last year. 

Also, coincidentally EDC past and current Board members all gave exactly $100 after they were asked to by Lynda Weatherman because Kristine is “good to the EDC and has not done anything to hurt the EDC.” 

Brevard County Commission Chair Kristine Isnardi (Photo: PROVIDED PHOTO)

EDC Board members such as EDC Chair Joe Mayer, Todd Pokrwya of Viera Company, Neal Johnson, previous EDC Chairs of the board Dana Kilbourne Deborah Goode, and Julie Song all happened to donate $100 on the last day of reporting to boost numbers for Isnardi’s weak kickoff month for D5 County Commission. 

Which candidate will Lynda Weatherman be soliciting for next month? 


  1. Does this sound appropriate? Is a Quid Pro Quo ethical? Can a Federal, State, or County worker campaign while at work? Is this who you want managing your county tax dollars?
    When Lynda Weatherman receives a huge salary running the EDC, which does the commissioners work by attempting to bring business to Brevard, successful or not. And that same person does make the effort to keep those wheels greased by campaigning for those votes, to keep her job?
    Florida does have a Hatch Act. If campaigning happened as quoted, that is against the law. Look it up.
    Do I trust that Isnardi’s husband, who was investigated and arrested by the FBI & FDLE, who also worked for a former District 5 Commissioner Anderson, in her same office, never told his wife what is going on? Or she is not also a part of the apparent quid pro quo, corruption, and breaking of the law. Is she also running to manage your tax dollars for the next four years?
    Well I know it as fact, this corruption has been going on. Why would anyone support the re-election?


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