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Eau Gallie Art Deco hotel and parking garage private partnership approval scheduled

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Melbourne Mayor Paul Alfrey made the following announcement today on his Facebook page:

I am pleased to announce that the Eau Gallie parking garage and art deco hotel public-private partnership approval is scheduled to come before our Melbourne Council on June 11th!

The 535 space parking garage will allocate 300 parking spaces for the public and 235 parking spaces for a Marriott hotel specifically designed for our Eau Gallie Arts district. Although this is an artist rendition and not the final design I want thank Larry and Jeanette Jarnes and the Relentless Group for their work in making this hotel a true arts hotel. Their commitment to the arts after the closing of the Foosner museum has been unwavering.

The hotel is planned to have a convention meeting area, rooftop restaurant and lounge and a pool. It will be located next to the Eau Gallie Civic center between Highland and Pineapple avenues.

More information to come as it develops and moves through the final approval process.

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