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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Contemplates Presidential Run Amidst Growing Public Support

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, the renowned professional wrestler and Hollywood star, has revealed that he has been approached by political parties with an offer to run for President of the United States. This development follows a 2021 poll by the New York Daily News, which indicated that nearly half of Americans would support Johnson if he decided to pursue a political career.

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During an appearance on Trevor Noah’s “What Now?” podcast, Johnson expressed his astonishment and honor at the poll results. “I was really moved by that,” he said, reflecting on the public’s support. The star, known for his roles in action-packed blockbusters, admitted that politics had never been his ambition. “There’s a lot of things about politics that I hate,” he confessed.

The interest in Johnson as a potential presidential candidate isn’t just based on public opinion. According to Johnson, the parties have conducted their own in-depth research, suggesting he could be a serious contender. “It was all very surreal,” Johnson remarked, acknowledging the gravity of the situation.

Despite the overwhelming support and interest, Johnson remains focused on his personal life, particularly his role as a father. He has three daughters, including a 22-year-old with his first wife, Dany Garcia, and two younger children with his current wife, Lauren Hashian. “I have a lot of estrogen in my house. And I love it,” Johnson joked, emphasizing the importance of being a present parent.

Johnson’s potential candidacy has sparked a mix of excitement and humor. Trevor Noah quipped about the public’s interest, suggesting it could either mean Johnson is seen as an ideal leader or that the situation has become so dire that people are looking for someone to “lay the smackdown on everybody.”

While Johnson has not made any official decision regarding a presidential run, he remains open to the idea if it aligns with the public’s desire. “Of course, I would consider it,” he stated, leaving the door open for a future in politics.

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As the world watches, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson stands at a crossroads, balancing his successful entertainment career with the possibility of an unprecedented leap into the political arena.

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