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Democrats demand continued sale/distrubution of Covid-19 vaccines in response to Republicans calling for ban

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[BREVARD COUNTY, FL] –  On Wednesday August 23,  by unanimous vote,  the Brevard County Democratic Executive Committee (Brevard DEC) passed the attached Resolution Demanding Continued Sale And Distribution Of Covid-19 Vaccines And Related mRNA Vaccines In The State Of Florida.

The Brevard DEC expresses deep concern and disappointment in response to the recent resolution put forth by the Brevard Republican Executive Committee (BREC) seeking to ban Covid-19 vaccines and mRNA technologies in Florida. As responsible citizens and advocates for public health, the Brevard DEC reaffirms its commitment to evidence-based policies and the importance of protecting the health and well-being of our community.

The Brevard DEC firmly believes that public health decisions should be grounded in scientific expertise and data-driven analysis. Banning Covid-19 vaccines and mRNA technologies without credible scientific evidence is irresponsible and endangers our community’s health.

The resolution presented by BREC undermines the tireless efforts of healthcare professionals, scientists, and researchers who have worked diligently to develop safe and effective vaccines to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 vaccines, including those utilizing mRNA technology, have been proven through rigorous clinical trials to be a crucial tool in reducing the spread of the virus, preventing severe illness, and saving lives.

Pamala Castellana, Brevard DEC Chairwoman, said,  “Politicizing public health not only puts lives in danger, it endangers our very democracy. Brevard Democrats are standing up to the increasing calls for more government overreach from the right. Demanding that our state ban the sale of life saving vaccines is irresponsible at best and Brevard Democrats are standing in defense of the free market and home rule.”

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Furthermore, the Brevard DEC is committed to the principles of individual choice and bodily autonomy. We respect the right of individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare, but we also recognize that personal choices must be balanced against the greater public good. Vaccination is a proven method to protect both individuals and the community at large.

The Brevard DEC demands that Governor DeSantis and the state legislature protect and preserve the sale and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines and all related vaccines in the state of Florida, and that  the state Attorney General prohibit seizure of any Covid-19 vaccines and mRNA vaccines in the state of Florida.


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