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December 9, 2019

David Neuman Announces Candidacy for Melbourne City Council

Not-for-profit professional David Neuman seeks to serve as Councilman for
Melbourne’s 3rd District

Melbourne, Florida— December 9, 2019 — Not-for-profit professional, David Neuman, announces his candidacy for Melbourne City Council’s 3rd District. Drawing upon his history of service and leadership, Neuman intends to bring a fresh perspective to the Council.

 Neuman, 28, is the Director of Development for Senior Resource Association in Vero Beach and previously served the City of Oak Forest, Illinois, as the elected City Clerk. During his non-profit career, Neuman has raised millions of dollars for charitable organizations such as Prevent Child
Abuse America.  With experience serving groups of varying ages and demographics, Neuman has a unique insight into the diverse needs within a community.

“Public service is an important part of my life.  That is what many
nonprofits focus on, whether it is providing meals for the elderly who are
homebound or raising awareness about the child abuse epidemic.  Nonprofits strive to serve people and improve the community. At its heart, that is what a City Council does as well. It is a natural flow from one form of service to the other, always with the intent to better lives.  Melbourne is
a vibrant, thriving city, and with the fresh perspective and leadership
experience I bring, can be a city of great opportunity!”

Neuman recognizes that the first duty of a City Councilman is to represent
residents.  Neuman stands ready to hear from community members about what they feel needs to change within their city while providing his solutions to the problems many Melbourne residents encounter.  Whether it is the need to eliminate unnecessary fees or to protect water quality, Neuman knows citizens want to be involved in the decision-making process because it affects their daily lives.

Neuman’s family lives on the Space Coast.  His father has lived in
Melbourne for years, and his younger brothers, Gabriel and Michael both
attend Ascension Catholic School.  David is an active parishioner of Our
Lady of Lourdes Church. “Changes in Melbourne don’t merely affect me, but also my family and the thousands of people who call our city home.  I take the responsibility to safeguard that home seriously, and look forward to serving our community with integrity and transparency.”

For more information visit: www.voteneuman.comPress inquiries:

Phone number: (321) 961 – 4668


What David Does:


Policy Points:

   1.Reduce fees and red tape
   2.Improve quality of life

Candidate Qualities:

   1.Fresh perspective
   2.Servant leader


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