Brevard County Commissioner Jason Steele, who was appointed by the Governor, announced this morning he is flipping his vote on cutting the budget for the Supervisor of Elections.

This comes just a day after Steele telling Florida Today “I’m not changing my vote,” adding that “this thing has turned into a political hot football.”

Steele, said he believes the vote to reduce the Supervisor of Elections total budget from Bobanic’s original proposal is needed. He said the proposed increase over 19% was “completely out of line.”

Steele said, mailing every voter a sample ballot is, “in my opinion, a waste of public money.”

“It’s not economically feasible for the county to pay to mail out sample ballots,” Steele said.

The original vote to support the cuts was supported by Steele, John Tobia, and Rita Pritchett. Without Steele’s support, the measure will fail 3-2 of everyone else’s vote remains the same.


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