Car drives into tattoo shop, driver flees, arrested at gun point


Building owner Kevin McCann got a phone call from Cocoa Police early Christmas Morning after a driver crashed his Dodge Charger through King Street Body Gallery in Cocoa Village.

The unidentified driver of the vehicle whose TikTok account is “dingbawk” fled on foot after removing the license plate from the vehicle.

Cocoa Police were able to track him down by a trail of blood leaving the scene, apparently from the injuries he sustained from the crash.

Police say that he was arrested at gunpoint, with the license plate found in his book bag.

His TikTok account has several videos of him drifting and burning out in parking lots, as well as recording himself driving 113mph on the highway with the song “Death Ain’t Easy.”

Kevin says “it’s been an entertaining Christmas. Lol.” He was able to find help from the community to board the shop up until repairs can be made.


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