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Candidate Spotlight – Marie Rogerson Republican State Committeewoman

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It is the job of the State Committeewoman to strengthen the Republican Party and get our candidates elected.  I invite voters to look at my track record and decide if I am who they want fighting on their behalf to keep our county red.

I have been working Republican campaigns in Brevard since 2015.  In that time I have knocked on the doors of over 12,000 Brevard residents to encourage them to vote Republican.  As part of the Space Coast Young Republicans, I played a pivotal role in organizing issue events for our community on the problems facing our Lagoon and advocating for the pro-life movement.

As a lifelong conservative, I live the values of the Republican party. 

My husband and I have worked to pay off student loans and other debt so that (besides our mortgage) we can live debt-free and on a budget because we are fiscally conservative.

My family and I served for nearly a year as foster parents, caring for 13 children in that time because we stand on the side of life- before AND after birth.

I have studied the Constitution and enrolled my children in courses on this crucial document because I am a Constitutionalist and will work to uphold it. 

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I have my concealed carry and am against things like ‘red flag’ laws because I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

Republicans have a clear choice in my race- experience, integrity, and enthusiasm or someone anointed by a tiny circle of insiders and their big donor PAC money.  With over 12 endorsements, 45 donors, and a broad base of support I am the right choice in this race.

If you want a Committeewoman who will work tirelessly to stop the tide of socialism and progressive propaganda invading our society, find me on your ballot August 18.  Learn more and join my efforts by finding me on Facebook at facebook.com/marieforcommittee.

-Marie Rogerson



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