I would like Brevard residents who haven’t had the chance to meet me to get to know who I am a little bit better.

I have lived in Brevard County for over 30 years. 

I voted for Donald J Trump and I will vote for him again! I volunteered at the Republican tents in Palm Bay for the presidential primary election and wrote a letter to the Florida Today published on March 15, 2020 supporting President Trump. 

I am a gun rights supporter! I have had my concealed weapons permit since February 25, 2016. 

I stopped watching football when they stopped standing for the National Anthem.

Being politically active in my Community has always been important to me. I am currently a member of the Melbourne Beach Code Enforcement Board and I ran for the Melbourne Beach commission in 2018. I am a member of the Brevard Republican Executive Committee and I am the District 3 chairperson.

My general election voting score is 98%. 

I have no personal political ties to anyone  

I intend to do my best as the Republican State Committeewoman to make sure Brevard residents are informed and heard. 


Kimberly Adkinson

Adkinson is running against fellow Republican Marie Rogerson who has the backing of State Representative Randy Fine. The final day to vote is August 18th. This is a County-wide position.


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