Brian Anderson

Every candidate is given the opportunity to answer our candidate questionnaire. Below are the answers to the question this candidate chose to answer as submitted.

Brian Anderson (provided photo)

Political Party: Nonpartisan Race

Education: University of Phoenix , LCU

Office Running For: Palm Bay City Council Seat 3


Current Employment: Project Manager (ProFrame)

Where are you from: Palm Bay, FL

Why are you running: Palm Bay is my home and l am raising my family here as a resident here since 1985 my heart is here and I’am committed to ensuring we have a sustainable, growing and healthy city for our future generations.

What are your top three priorities if you are elected:

Commercial Investment in our Community and becoming Debt free- One Billion in new Commercial development by 2030
Attracting a privately funded Major Family Entertainment Venue
Establishing a Major University and promoting Trade Schools

What do you think is the number 1 problem in your district related to the office you are running for:

Taxes and wasteful spending

Bringing down the tax rate and ensuring taxpayers dollars are spent wisely is one of the top issues facing our community.

How will you involve your constituents in your decision making: Community Forums , Town halls and pop up question and answer sessions are great way to get input and feedback from our community and helps guide the policies we put in place.

Do you plan to run for a higher office: Ultimately my community is my main responsibility and it is up to the people as to how far you go in your political career to help that community. It is my opinion you should have a stance on local, state and federal issues as they can all affect your community and family.

How will you address infrastructure in your district: The recently approved Road Bond will address the over 800 miles over road way throughout our city and. Conjunction With addressing our aging water and sewer infrastructure we are ready for the future and its challenges.

How will you address crime in your district: Community Policing and and actively involved neighborhoods are a key to low crime rate in addition to funding for new police and resources is another important element in a low crime rate.

How will you address affordable housing in your district: State tax incentives and grants to promote affordable housing along with down payment assistance and support for programs that keep people in houses are vital in affordable housing also lobbying for the legislature to address sky rocketing prices is a key maintaining affordable housing.

How will you address environmental concerns in your district: The environment is our most precious resource and should be protected as we have designed sustainable policies and practices to ensure the environment is a top priority. Also ensuring developers are held accountable and building green buildings and promoting green energy.

Why are you a better choice than your opponents: I have always and will continue to say you should be running for something not against someone. If the only way to win is to trash someone or try to discredit them you probably don’t deserve the seat. You should on why you are choice . I’am the best choice because I keep my word and my heart and compassion can not be matched.

What is your past political experience:

Palm Bay City Council 2016-2020
Palm Bay Deputy Mayor 2019
Governing Member SCTPO
BCRA Commissioner

Opponents and the media research public records, police reports, credit information and do other background checks in an effort to discover tax liens, lawsuits, arrest records and other unfortunate things. Are there any issues your opponent could use against you that you wish to disclose: Not to my knowledge

Any other comments you’d like to make: My heart and soul is my community and that is what I give when I serve . I keep my promises and strive to make Palm Bay this best city on this planet and with your vote and voice I will continue to do just that.

Please list any websites or social media links to your campaign if you have any:
Facebook Re-elect Brian J. Anderson for City Council Palm Bay