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Brevard Republicans seek to ban Covid-19 shot “The virus and vaccine are biological weapons”

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UPDATE: The resolution passed with the required supermajority vote of the members.

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Tonight, the Brevard Republican Executive Committee (BREC) and its hundreds of members will be considering a resolution “REQUESTING PROHIBITION OF THE SALE AND DISTRIBUTION OF COVID-19 INJECTIONS AND RELATED MRNA INJECTIONS IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA.”

The 4-page resolution, if passed, will be sent to Governor Ron DeSantis, and every state level elected official and federal official representing Brevard County. The resolution seeks to effectively ban Covid-19 mRNA vaccines in the state of Florida. CBS News 12 first reported on the letter.

The resolution cites several controversial positions on Covid-19 and the vaccine. Namely, the very first citation supporting “Whereas strong and credible evidence has recently been revealed that Covid-19 and Covid-19 injections are biological and technological weapons,” alleges evidence that “Dr. Anthony Fauci created Covid-19, an offensive bio-weapon.” It also cites an article showing claims of video microscopic evidence that vials of the Pfizer version of the vaccine contain “Ribbons, Microchips, Optical Communications Cables,” with apparent “self-assembling technology.”

The linked article states that David is in Australia, and due to speaking out against the shots and providing Vaccine exemptions, has lost his ability to practice medicine.

Dr. David Nixon and his Darkfield Microscope looking at Pfizer Vial Contents

The letter appears to show support of Governor DeSantis and his calling for Florida’s Supreme Court to impanel a grand jury to look at the vaccine roll-out and if any crimes were committed. DeSantis stated “Florida law prohibits fraudulent practices, including the dissemination of false or misleading advertisements of a drug and the use of any representation or suggestion in any advertisement relating to a drug that an application of a drug is effective when it is not.”

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The letter draws the conclusion that Covid-19 and the vaccine are biological weapons and should be treated as such.

Investigative Republican Journalist Laura Loomer is pushing back on the narrative that DeSantis didn’t push the vaccine.

The entire resolution is below.


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