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Brevard Public Schools Grapples with Rising Discipline Referrals Amid Board Tensions and Racial Disparities

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BREVARD COUNTY, FL — In a recent workshop, Brevard Public Schools (BPS) faced scrutiny as board member Matt Susin disputed reported increases in school discipline referrals, challenging the veracity of the data despite multiple confirmations of its accuracy by district officials.

The district has reported a sharp increase in discipline referrals, up from 61,017 last year to 72,399 this year. This rise in referrals has sparked a debate about the effectiveness of recently implemented discipline policies championed by Susin. During the session, Susin expressed his dissatisfaction, stating that the higher numbers were misleading and did not reflect an escalation in student misconduct but rather an improvement in the system’s ability to identify and address issues more efficiently.

“Everybody is not looking at them the correct way,” Susin argued during the workshop, suggesting that the numbers, though higher, were actually indicative of the success of his policies. “I’m really excited about the numbers. I just really was spending some time pounding through them one last time.”

However, Russell Bruhn, the district’s Chief Strategic Communications Officer, countered Susin’s claims, reaffirming the accuracy of the reported figures. “Student services ran the data again and confirmed the 692 figure was accurate,” Bruhn clarified in an email following the workshop, responding to Susin’s assertion that the number of ALC (Alternative Learning Center) referrals was underreported.

This internal disagreement comes at a time when the district is also addressing notable racial disparities in discipline. Data from the district highlights that African American and Hispanic students are disproportionately affected by disciplinary actions, often facing harsher and more frequent consequences than their peers.

Experts suggest that these disparities may stem from a variety of systemic issues, including implicit bias among educators, cultural misunderstandings, and socioeconomic factors that influence student behavior. “Differences in cultural norms and communication styles can lead to misunderstandings between students and staff,” explains Dr. Lena Carter, an educational psychologist specializing in school discipline practices.

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Despite these challenges, the district has made several positive strides. Communication about discipline policies has improved, with a significant number of bus drivers and school administrators reporting that referrals are being processed more swiftly and efficiently than in previous years. Moreover, ongoing training and updates to the Student Code of Conduct are steps that the district is taking to further refine their approach and ensure fair treatment across all student demographics.

As BPS continues to navigate these complex issues, the focus remains on aligning disciplinary practices with the overarching goal of fostering a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. The school board’s commitment to this goal is clear, but as the numbers and recent debates suggest, there is still considerable work to be done to balance discipline with equity.

The Brevard community watches closely as the district strives to adjust its policies, hoping for solutions that support all students while addressing the underlying causes of the racial disparities that continue to challenge the fairness of school disciplinary practices.

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