‘Brevard Peace Keepers’ organize large protest outside State Rep. Randy Fine’s office today


Over 100 people have responded to an online Facebook event calling for a protest in front of District 53 State Representative Randy Fine’s Palm Bay office.

The protest was organized by a local group of over 1100 people called the Brevard Peace Keepers.

In the description of the event the purpose is listed as:

The community stands united for proper representation.
A list of some of our growing concerns:
●Save our public schools- He is gambling with our kids’ futures
●Dishonest PAC money
●Don’t “Atlantic City” our Brevard
●Algea blooms caused by bio solids/ phosphates mine dump
●Home rule for small businesses
●Business inspection fails
●Misrepresentation of CRT
●LGBTQ+ student rights
●Doesn’t reside in the city he represents**WE WILL HAVE SIGNS AVAILABLE**State Rep. Randy Fine is a corrupt and arrogant politician who is attacking Floridians rights while filling his own pockets.

Here is a link to the event. https://fb.me/e/BhcYYXLz


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