Yesterday morning I was honored on behalf of our citizens and our agency to accept a resolution from Brevard County Commissioner Kristine Isnardi that recognizes the United States Constitution as the cornerstone and foundation of government.

The resolution, which passed unanimously was in response to communities around the country that are passing county ordinances proclaiming their area a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary to prevent any type of legislative action from targeting lawful gun owners with gun control measures that violate the Constitution.

Commissioner Isnardi’s position, which I whole heartedly support is that the United States Constitution is the foundation of our great nation which guarantees that our entire country is not only a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary but is also a Sanctuary for every amendment within the constitution. In passing the resolution we are boldly stating that as a community, a state and a country we recognize the power of the United States Constitution and that in doing so all of our rights are protected!!

Please join me in thanking Commissioner Isnardi for bringing forth this resolution and all of our Commissioners for supporting this effort to make sure that everyone knows Brevard County is a great and safe place to call home!!

Sheriff Wayne Ivey



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