Brevard Public Schools sent out an email today to clear up some of the confusion of what seems like a tug of war between the state and the local school boards around mask mandates at school. Last month, BPS passed a mask mandate with only medical exceptions for its schools. Governor Desantis is in a legal battle with his position of banning these types of mandates. A judge in south Florida ruled Desantis’ policy unconstitutional. Sin Desantis appealed the ruling, his policy making mask mandates illegal is still in effect.

However, as many as 13 Florida school boards have put the mandates in place anyway, despite threats of punishment from the state. Because of the back and forth in the media headlines, it has become confusing to parents to what actually is the current policy. BPS sent out an email to clear it up.


Dear BPS Parents,

This is a reminder that the emergency face mask policy passed by the school board last month is still in effect.

The policy makes wearing a face mask mandatory while on school board property, including schools and school transportation.

Important Information to Remember:

  • Each Pre-K-12 student, employee, visitor, vendor, or other person is required to wear a face covering at all times while indoors on school district property.
  • A child younger than two years old and a person with a medical certification are not required to have a face covering. Medical Certification: A face covering shall not be required for persons who present school district staff with a certification from a licensed health care provider that the person has a medical, physical, or psychological contraindication that prevents the person from being able to safely wear a face covering.
  • Other times a face covering is not required: students with supervisor’s approval, eating and drinking, strenuous physical activity, receiving health care, exigent circumstances.
  • A face covering IS NOT needed if a student or adult is outside.
  • The mask mandate will reduce quarantines of students and staff, based on CDC guidelines.

We have seen a decline in quarantines since the mask mandate was put into place on August 30th. The mask mandate, along with our other COVID-19 mitigation efforts, will allow your school staff to remain focused on the number one priority, educating your child. 

Have a great rest of the week.


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