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BREAKING: Paradise Treats food truck worker arrested for child pornography at Paradise Beach, Indialantic, FL

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An extremely alarming arrest involving child pornography, has happened in Brevard County of 48 year old Patrick Doyle, a food truck worker at Paradise Treats, a permanent, well know food truck on Paradise Beach, Indialantic.

Doyle was reported to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) by a woman he was messaging on a dating app called MeetMe.

In the exchanges, Patrick Doyle was using the screen name “Tabooo“ while pretending to be a woman at times, who claimed to perform sexual acts on and in front of her children, even while breast feeding, and was searching for parents who did the same. He was targeting children as young as 6 months old. He spoke of performing oral sex on the children, and forcing them to do the same, as well as anal sex.

FDLE took over the messages from the woman who reported him. He spoke about drugging the children with Benadryl, and performing the acts on them in their sleep so they would not remember.

He went as far as to using dogs to sexually batter the children, but worried that at times, the dogs may get to aggressive.

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He said he would wait for the mom to leave for work so he could “hump on and lick these kiddos lol.”

Eventually, the FDLE obtained a search warrant that lead to tracking down the owner of the account via IP address to Patrick Doyle.

They executed a search warrant in March at his home, and on his phone that revealed some horrific evidence.

While going through his electronic devices they discovered that he was a worker at the Paradise Treats food truck. The truck is situated directly in front of the showers at the beach, and the public bathrooms.

Investigators found photos and videos on his devices of children using the showers, at time in the nude. He also would leave the bathroom doors slightly open while hiding inside, and photograph the genitals of toddlers and parents changed them. He then videoed himself masturbating in the same bathrooms to the content.

Investigators state that he would edit the photos in order to manipulate the children into sexual acts mimicking pornography.

There’s was one video of him talking to a teenager in a bikini where he offers her free ice cream from the food truck if she promises to keep coming back.

A video depicts him recording a woman, breast feeding her child while sitting topless on the floor in front of him.

Below is a photo taken from the bathrooms that shows the line of sight from the food truck, to the showers and bathrooms.

According to the reports, Doyle who resides at 380 Seahorse Ave. in Indialantic lived with two male roommates. Neither claimed to have any knowledge of Doyle’s behavior, and voluntarily allowed searches of their phones by law enforcement to show that they did not have the MeetMe app installed, nor any incriminating evidence. Doyle was arrested July 16, 2023.

We spoke on the phone to the owner of Paradise Treats, Mr. Anthony Sargenti. He stated that he fired Patrick about a month ago, and that he had worked for him for about a year and a half. Another worker we spoke with stated that Patrick was fired for being lazy. They both stated they had no idea of his activities.

“If I had known I would have fired him immediately, and called the police,” Mr. Sargenti told us.

The food truck has an unusual amount of security cameras all around the vehicle. Mr. Sargenti stated that he monitors the cameras from his home.

Going through the Facebook page of Paradise Treats, there are several Facebook live videos from inside the truck that show children using the shower, and one recording of a young girl modeling where the caption of the video states “Come check out the views of Paradise Treats.”

The Facebook page for the truck also only follows 3 accounts. One is if a female Instagram model, and another of a female who does fitness videos.

Mr. Sargenti stated that he has not been questioned by law enforcement about Doyle, nor has law enforcement seized any evidence from the truck or his security footage.

In 2019, Mr. Sargenti petitioned the Brevard County Commission to be able to sell alcohol from his establishment in order to help improve declining sales and losing customers to other nearby establishments across the street. The request was approved.

The food truck is under contract with Brevard Parks and Recreation, giving them the sole rights to operate in the space. It is not clear how or if this will affect the contract or permits for the business.

Patrick Doyle is currently locked up at the Brevard County jail being held on $250,000 bond. He has 2 prior arrests for Domestic Violence with children according to court documents.

The arrest affidavit is below. Again we warn you that this content is extremely graphic.

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