BREAKING: Jennifer Jenkins caught in crossfire in Washington DC shooting


This evening, while Brevard School Board Member Jennifer Jenkins and her husband were waiting to be seated at the Garden Street restaurant in Washington D.C., gun fire erupted from the street.

Police released video of the shooting suspects. This shooting occurred earlier, but the same vehicle can be seen at the scene in todays shooting. The suspects left on foot.

They ran for cover where Jenkins was hit by debris from the shooting, and could hear pinging sounds from the rounds flying around them.

Photo provided by Jenkins from the scene.

They ran inside a restaurant and hid behind a wall in a staircase.

β€œI literally thought one of us was hit,” Jenkins said on the phone to us. β€œIt was terrifying.”

One victim lay nearly lifeless just a few feet away from her as first responders administered aid.

The shooters were reportedly teens who fled on foot. According to reports, this is the 4th shooting in DC just today.



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