Local law enforcement have released new details surrounding an incident today that caused Palm Bay High to go into a shelter in place status.

The school’s resource officer received a radio transmission of a possible armed man in the schools parking lot.

The school was immediately placed on lock down and numerous officers responded.

A thorough search of the school by police produced  results.

Additional information was received that two students had an altercation earlier in the day and one student left the campus making threats over social media to continue the altercation later in the day.

The information about an armed person was delivered to the School Resource Officer after being relayed through numerous students before reaching the officer.

The student involved in this incident was located several miles away from campus and was taken into custody for Disruption of a School Function.

Due to the individual being a juvenile, his identity is not being released.

The school remained in lock down for approximately one and a half hours while officers searched the campus.

The investigation did not find any person armed with a firearm.


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