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Arrest affidavit released of suspect whose violent arrest went viral in Palm Bay

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The arrest of Jacob Mitchell by Palm Bay Police last week was captured on a home security camera, and went viral on social media. In the video, Mitchell was tased and punched in the face repeatedly. As a result of his injuries, he spent a few days in the hospital before being booked in Brevard County Jail.

Below is a copy of the arrest affidavit from Palm Bay Police that was released this afternoon. We are still awaiting an official comment and body cam footage from Palm Bay Police. The mugshot was not available which would show the reported injuries of a broken orbital wall to Mr. Mitchell’s face.

On 12/11/2022 at 0022 hours, , Officer McDonald #72 responded to the area of 2700 Pinewood Dr NE reference to a 911 call that came from the phone number of 321-xxx-xxxx. The caller advised that there were multiple subjects outside who were engaged in a verbal argument. The caller then advised, he observed a male pulled out a firearm and pointed at another male. The caller then disconnected the phone on dispatchers. As dispatch was attempting to call the caller back it was going straight to voicemail.

I, along with several other Officers responded to the area of 2700 Pinewood in an attempt to locate the armed subject. However, a search of the entire apartment complex vielded negative results.

As Officer’s were retrieving back to their vehicle, I observed a white male that I identified a Jacob Mitchell from previous encounters. Jacob was outside of

2700 Pinewood and was recording Officers with his phone and was laughing. Officers then asked Jacob if he was the complainant who called 911 reference to this incident, Jacob advised that he did not.

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I then later inquired on the phone number that was used to call for a Pollce response and discovered that this phone number did belong to Jacob and was advised by dispatch that we have extensive history with the number belonging to him.

I also listened to the audio recoding of the phone cal that was taken by Dispatch, with my previous encounters with Jacob, i was able to recognize his voice I then called the phone number on my work number and a male answered the phone who identified himself as Jacob. I advised Jacob that the number used to call 911 for the earlier call is the phone that he was using. Jacob advised that he did not call for a Police response and stated that one of his friends must have called. I requested to meet with Jacob in front of 2700 Pinewood which he did.

I then began speaking with Jacob about the call. Jacob advised that he did in fact call and advised that he observed multiple teenagers walking down the road and was pointing guns at each other.

I then advised Jacob 1 was going to begin looking at cameras around the neighborhood to confirm that the incident actually happened. Jacob then advised to me that he was “bullshitting” and called Police for no reason. I then confirmed with Jacob that he did in fact call for a Police response with the accusation that an aggravated assault with a firearm took place in the area of 2700 Pinewood Dr. Jacob advised that he did and that he was lying about the incident.

Due to Jacob admitting to lying about his observations and call, i attempted to place him under arrest.

Once I advised Jacob that he was under arrest, I attempted to grab Jacob by the left arm, once i grabbed Jacob by the left arm, he then stated “no” and pulled his arm away from me defeating my grip. At this time Officer Vasquez #81 grabbed Jacob by the right arm and escorted him onto the ground. This resulted in Jacob laying on his side. Jacob then began to try and stand up form the ground, I then deployed my department issued X2 taser onto Jacob’s back. This resulted to Jacob being on his stomach. While Jacob was on his stomach, I was giving him verbal commands to put his hands behind his back, Jacob refused to comply and began turning onto his back, which compromised my Officer safety as 1 had my knee on the back of Jacob’s side. This resulted in Jacob facing me while I was attempting to get him to roll over to his stomach. While I was trying to get Jacob to roll over his stomach, he began reaching for the equipment located on my Police vest which is equipped with an X2 taser, handcuffs, as well as my department issued radio as well as a knife. Jacob began grabbing at my waist and my left arm, in an attempt to prevent my from detaining him. I then began delivering forward striking distractors to Jacob’s face to try and stop jacob from grabbing at my equipment. This resulted in Jacob laying on his stomach.

I then began giving Jacob loud verbal commands to put his hands behind his back, Jacob would refuse my lawful order and managed to slip between me and Officer Vasquez which led to Jacob being back on his feet and began running on foot westbound through the parking lot. I then deployed my department issued X2 taser onto Jacob’s back. This resulted in Jacob falling onto the ground where he was then placed into handcuffs.

Jacob was eventually charged wit the above crimes.

Jacob was transported to Holmes Regional Medical Center and was later transferred to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

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