‘Anonymous’ hacker group claims to have taken over Moms for Liberty’s website


The hacker group Anonymous has claimed to have taken over the website for Moms for Liberty. A TikTok video from one of their accounts made the claim about an hour ago. We confirmed that the website is indeed down.

In the video, they incorrectly reference Moms for Liberty as “Moms OF Liberty,” but the appropriate website address in down.

The 41 second video states:

“Anonymous operation GOP has taken down the website belonging to Moms of Liberty. We told you it was too late to us expect us, now momsofliberty.org is offline internationally. We demand equality for all humans, not just GOP and those like them. This is non negotiable.”

We reached out to Moms for Liberty founder Tina Descovich for comment, but have not yet received a response. It does not appear that Moms for Liberty Twitter, Facebook, or other accounts have been compromised in the attack.


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