Anointed and Appointed


Nathan Haynes – Melbourne

Tisha Ballou has so little experience, she literally doesn’t even give private attorneys time of day and hear both sides of it.

I tell you from my own experience and every other person that went in front of her within her first couple of weeks on the seat she was harsher than anybody anybody’s ever seen.

Whatever the state said went. It’s almost like in her eyes everybody was guilty which makes sense when you let the state run the whole show!

She’s a state attorney in a robe, and is not the person you want making decisions for people that make mistakes everyday. She makes one decision that affects the rest of their life! She doesn’t have that much experience to do that I don’t believe!

She lacks the proper understanding and compassion this community needs from the level it’s been hit so hard from so many different things. From drugs to violence, and only somebody that’s been around here, and experienced it and done things about it can properly do something about it!

If people like her keep getting elected, this justice system is doomed!

All in all she lacks experience. She was supposed to be a judge for a long time in Seminole county and it turned out she was a state attorney for 10 to 12 years. I guarantee you she doesn’t have the decades of experience that Mr. Bross has!


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