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Amanda Gorman’s ‘We Rise’ poem read at Biden’s inauguration banned in Florida school

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A K-8 school in Miami-Dade County issued banned three books and one poem for elementary students after a parent complained, claiming they included topics that were inappropriate for students and should be removed “from the total environment.”

Only the kids who are middle-school aged are allowed to access the books.

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Books which were written for ages five and up, are now I g being pushed out of elementary school and into middle schools if not banned altogether according to Stephana Ferrell, the director of research and insight at Florida Freedom to Read Project.

“Books written for students grades K-5 are being pushed to middle school [libraries and] out of reach for the students they were intended for,” she said. The books aren’t being banned from the district, she argued, “but they’re banned for the students they were intended for.”

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Daily Salinas, a parent of two students at at Bob Graham Education Center in Miami Lakes, challenged The ABCs of Black History, Cuban Kids, Countries in the News Cuba, the poem The Hills We Climb, which was recited by poet Amanda Gorman at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, and Love to Langston for what she said included references of critical race theory, “indirect hate messages,” gender ideology and indoctrination, according to records obtained by the Florida Freedom to Read Project.

According to reporting from the Miami Herald, he titles were deemed “better suited” or “more appropriate” for middle school students, despite acknowledging that at least one book, The ABCs of Black History, was written for ages 5 and up. The books would be kept in the middle school section of the media center, the review concluded.

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No information was provided by the review committee citing was was considered “inappropriate” for elementary students within the books.

The parent stated she wanted to see the titles banned for all grades as “they do not support the school’s curriculum.”

We Rise

Today, everyone’s eyes
Are on us as we rise.
Today is the day women
Are paving the way,
Speaking our truth to power.
In this hour, it is our duty
to find the brave beauty
In rooting for other women
So they too know we are not victims,
We are victors, the greatest predictors
of progress. We press for change,
A new dawn drawn into the open
By women whose silence is broken.
We push on and act on
Our responsibility to bring visibility
To the most vulnerable:
To bring freedom to those who didn’t have a choice,
To bring volume to those who are using their voice.
We clear a woman’s way,
We don’t fear the day
She steps into the light
Because we are with her
Every step of the fight.
There’s a lot at stake, but making
A difference always takes great courage.
So we encourage women who dare to stare
Fear square in its face,
Women who’ve always shown
That when one woman stands up
She is never alone.
We know that when she steps up to right a wrong,
She will fight to bring others along
To the network, into the conversation,
Working together to change communities
And nations for generations, our world
Made all the stronger the longer
Women are able to sit at the table.
It is her strength, her story, and her spirit
Which inspires other vital voices
to speak up when they hear it.
So let it be said that light will be shed
When our world is led by leaders ahead
of the headlines, the voices
Who are first on the frontline,
These women who stand up,
knowing the wind
Not by where it is, but where it is blowing,
Leading worlds not by how society is
But where change is going.
We all leap forward when one woman tries,
When she defies with her rallying cries.
Here lies, but does not rest, the best
Of tested women who call us all to rise,
Speaking the truth in this finest hour:
That to their own power,
every single woman is entitled.
But it’s how they empower others
That makes women’s voices so vital.

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