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$500 Fine for Sunbathing or Sitting in Chairs – Cocoa Beach

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COCOA BEACH, FLORIDA – In response to COVID-19, Cocoa Beach City Manager Jim McKnight declared activities on Cocoa Beach “such as sunbathing, sitting in chairs or laying on blankets” illegal as of Friday morning at 8 a.m.

“This follows State of Florida Executive Order 20-91, as modified by Executive Order 20-92, Safer at Home, specifically Essential Activities,” said McKnight in his State of Emergency Order #12 on Thursday.

The penalty for sunbathing, sitting in chairs or laying on blankets on Cocoa Beach will be $500 per occurrence until further notice.

Other offenses that will cost you 500 bucks include “organized sports and grouping of persons.”

Activities such as walking, jogging, biking, fishing, surfing and swimming were deemed acceptable by McKnight’s order, however, “a minimum of six-foot social distancing shall apply, and when your activity is complete, you will be required to leave the beach area.”

Beach parking, beach access parking, and the parking garage on Cocoa Beach will remain closed and failure to comply with Order #12 may result in further restrictions being applied.

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