A fourth resident of The Villages has been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation into voter fraud.

Charles Franklin Barnes, 64, was arrested Tuesday night on a charge of casting more than one ballot in an election.

The charge is a 3rd degree felony.

Public records show that he was also registered to vote in Connecticut in 2020.

Three other residents John Rider, Jay Ketcik and Joan Halstead of The Villages have also been arrested recently for allegedly voting in Florida and other states.

All 3 registered Republicans have plead not guilty to the charges.

Anonymous emails sent to Florida’s Secretary of State in May by someone using the pseudonym “Totes Legit Votes” prompted the voter fraud investigation, court records obtained show.

The self-described “citizen election integrity analyst” reportedly used publicly available voter registration data to identify numerous Florida voters who may have also cast ballots in other states.


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