West Melbourne Mayor Asks People to Stay Home



West Melbourne Mayor Hal J. Rose today encouraged, in the strongest terms, West Melbourne citizens, businesses and not-for-profit organizations to follow CDC and Florida Department of Health guidelines, and Governor DeSantis’s executive orders.

Mayor Rose said, “People should stay at home as much as possible. I am concerned particularly about our elderly and most vulnerable citizens. If they become ill with the COVID-19 virus, some might not end up with a good outcome.”

“The pandemic has spread across the globe. The United States, Florida, Brevard County and West Melbourne are certainly not spared. Be smart – social distance, wash your hands, think of your neighbors, friends and relatives, don’t gather in groups of ten in any setting*,” Rose implored.

West Melbourne Police Chief Rick Wiley added, “Our law enforcement officers are assisting our major grocers at the beginning and end of each day to help people respect the CDC’s recommended social distancing precautions. Citizens need to keep six feet from one another while waiting to get their groceries, at the pharmacy, or while waiting for take-out.”

Emphasizing the need for people to stay at home whenever possible, Rose cancelled the regularly scheduled West Melbourne City Council meeting of April 7. (The next City Council meeting is currently scheduled for April 21.) He concluded, “The CDC and Florida Department of Health websites are excellent sources of COVID-19 information. This pandemic is serious business, and we all need to act accordingly. Our amazing health care providers, the heroes in our grocery stores, and our dedicated first responders are all counting on each of us to do our part to seek to slow the pandemic’s progression.”

*** end ***

*Governor DeSantis’s Executive Order Number 20-83, Section 2, March 24, 2020


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