Sheriff Ivey Announces Deputy Gamin Has Resigned In liue of Termination Over Controversial Facebook Post


In a press conference today, Sheriff Wayne Ivey announced that LT Burt Gamin has resigned over his Facebook posts from the Brevard F.O.P. that went viral and covered by national news outlets.

Ivey said that a review of Gamin’s personnel file revealed an incident form 15 years ago that included some racial undertones to one of his subordinates. There was no formal discipline for this incident.

Ivey let Gamin know that at the conclusion of his investigation, his intent was to terminate Gamin’s employment. As a result of his intent, Gamin decided to resign.

Ivey said he has taken swift and appropriate action to address this issue. He said Gamin’s comments were in poor taste and brought embarrassment to the agency.


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