Antonio Clemmons

Every candidate is given the opportunity to answer our candidate questionnaire. Below are the answers to the question this candidate chose to answer as submitted.

Political Party: Nonpartisan Race

Education: Intelligence

Office Running For: Mayor of Melbourne


Current Employment: Campaign for Mayor of Melbourne

Where are you from: Born Cape Canaveral Florida, raised in Orlando Florida

Are you a veteran? If so, which branch and rank? No, my dad was AirForce

Why are you running: Change, I would like City of Melbourne to become a Growth and Development hub for Innovation.

What are your top three priorities if you are elected:


What do you think is the number 1 problem in your district related to the office you are running for:


How will you involve your constituents in your decision making: Plan more round table sit down with City staff to address internal problems.

Do you plan to run for a higher office: No

How will you address infrastructure in your district: Mr. Clemmons intends to take Office and Have a Home Rule training with Staff of city hall. Mr. Clemmons also intends to support individuals who have unique experience and highlight. One in particular individual Kathy Meghan who as of 12/06/2019 has just put in her paper work as an Elected City Council person. Mr. Clemmons intends to take her Under the wing and seek guidance from her as she is the Acting Mayor until Nov. 3 2020. So Mr. Clemmons looks forward to a smooth transition and allow a solid infastructure to be built brick by brick; conversation by conversation, and meeting by meeting.

How will you address crime in your district:

Mr. Clemmons intends to have a sit down with the Chief of Police, of Melbourne, Indian Atlantic and West Melbourne; and The Elected Sheriff and Mayor Hal Rose of West Melbourne, City Council Members for a closed door Round table meeting to resolve improper acts of judgment. No person is considered a Criminal until proven guilty by a judge, jury, and room of their peers.

How will you address affordable housing in your district:

Mr. Clemmons intends to address affordable housing by finding and working with builders to offer a tax break on their first few years in business to help Builders to build affordable homes.
Mr. Clemmons also intends to develop sober living facility to help with the homeless situation. Also, Mr Clemmons has a 6 year plan for Affordable living houses where elderly individuals can live together save some money on a fixed income, and provide nurses to these elderly at reasonable cost with a built in transportation plan for car pooling to Help Elderly individuals run errands.

How will you address environmental concerns in your district:

Mr. Clemmons intends to get involved with the save our Indian river Lagoon. He also intends to have community clean up days, to involve the youth and organizations to help make the city beautiful.

Why are you a better choice than your opponents: Mr. Clemmons believes he can bring experience to the table.
Former Canvasser
Marjuana petition
Canvasser Allowing felons to gain their rights back
Mr. Clemmons has also done Fundraisers and worked on the Campaign trail for President Donald Trump and President Obama.
Worked to Organize votes for Regina Hill City commissioner Orlando, Florida.
Worked with Congresswoman Val Demmings and Husb and Jerry Demmings.
His list goes on of extensive politians Mr. Clemmons has worked to support over the last 17 years.

What is your past political experience:

Mr. Clemmons has also done Fundraisers and worked on the Campaign trail for President Donald Trump and President Obama.
Worked to Organize votes for Regina Hill City commissioner Orlando, Florida
Worked with Congresswoman

Opponents and the media research public records, police reports, credit information and do other background checks in an effort to discover tax liens, lawsuits, arrest records and other unfortunate things. Are there any issues your opponent could use against you that you wish to disclose:

Mr Clemmons upholds his 5th amendment right to disclose any incriminating evidence.

Any other comments you’d like to make:

As the Future Mayor of Melbourne; Antonio Oneal Clemmons, II, would like to see more smiling Faces in our Community. As an elected candidate. Win. Loose. Or Draw. Mr. Clemmons would prefer to see Community relations grow, Such as creating After School programs to Keep Down the Violence. Better Transportation system to Allow, for more job growth and development throughout Melbourne, Eau Gallie, Suntree, Viera, Satellite, that All fall under the jurisdiction of Melbourne. Lastly Mr. Clemmons would be interested in brunch dance gathering for the elderly and other activities that cater to our Senior Citizens. Finally Mr Clemmons Last view point would be to build 5 More Veterans; Hospital over 10 years with Classifications; at each Hospital. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, And Florida National Guard that will also provide job Opportunity and a better Health care to thos individuals who have served our Country.

Please list any websites or social media links to your campaign if you have any:

Facebook at Future Mayor of Melbourne


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