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School Board Chair Matt Susin caught on hot mic calling about 40 citizens ‘lunatics’

This evening, a group of citizens showed up before the regularly scheduled school board meeting to protest, and show their dissatisfaction with recent policy and direction taken by the newly elected board. The protest, which started about an hour before the meeting had been scheduled weeks in advance by Awake Brevard Action Alliance.

A key focus of the protest was book banning, amongst other hot button issues, including the recent attacks on the LGBTQ community. Protestors also brought a prop, made to look like the wheel that Sheriff Wayne Ivey uses in his ‘Wheel of Fugitive’ social media show. Their version was entitled ‘Wheel of Corruption.’

Outside of the building is a PA system which allows listeners to hear the meeting that may not have been able to make it inside. Prior to the 5:30pm start time of the meeting, the microphones were live and already broadcasting to the outside system. Likely unaware that this was happening, School Board Chair Matt Susin was overheard speaking to Board Member Megan Wright when he then called the protestors outside “a bunch of lunatics.”

Brevard Democrats Chair Pamela Castellana was the first to address the matter during public comment.

But it wasn’t the first microphone issue Susin had of the day. Prior to the regular board meeting, the board held a workshop meeting to discuss other policy issues. At one point during the meeting, School Board Member Katye Campbell objected to Mr. Susin for once again violating District Policy, when he directed a staff member to attend the meeting, and make an unapproved/vetted presentation to the public. Mrs. Campbell pointed out that it not only violated policy, but undermined the Superintendent Dr. Schiller who had no knowledge that his staff had been directed to do so, and was already tasked with putting together a comprehensive presentation on the same topic, himself.

Mr. Susin assured everyone that Dr. Schiller was aware and had agreed to it. Mrs. Campbell did not believe that to be the case, and when she asked Dr. Schiller directly, Mr. Susin could be heard from his mic which was still live saying “Jesus Christ!” as Dr. Schiller responded with copies of law and policy.

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