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OPINION: Floridians need to WAKE UP!

What will it take for Floridians to wake up and realize that Governor Ron DeSantis does not care about anyone but himself? Sorry to be blunt but if there is a wake call that is needed, just look at his priorities.

His top priority is politicizing covid vaccines by Petitioning the Florida Supreme Court for Statewide Grand Jury on COVID-19 Vaccines and announces the creation of the “Public Health Integrity Committee.”

There are so many problems with our state like the rise of Nazis and antisemitism which our Governor still refuses to publicly condemn. You can go turn on the local news and see reports of people getting murdered by gun violence everyday. Rent and house mortgages are at an all time high with nothing being done about it. DeSantis can blame President Biden all he wants but it’s his lack of leadership that is making the cost of living in Florida very high.

We can continue to list our state’s problems, but that can take all day. Ron DeSantis may have won reelection, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hold him accountable for not doing his job. I call on every Floridian to do so.

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