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Representative Randy Fine says Democrats protesting on the House Floor was worse than January 6

In an interview on Local 10 Live this morning, Florida State Representative Randy Fine was asked about his comments related to House Democrats protesting the passing of the Florida US Congressional Districts last week during a special session.

Fine previously stated that if those elected officials broke the law and should be thrown in jail.

Florida Democratic Representatives protesting on the House Floor

Today he said “What happened on the floor of the Florida House, is far worse than what happened in Washington on January 6th.”

He called it a sedition and a second degree felony and hopes that there’s accountability. Brevard County which Fine represents has the most arrests in the Nation for the events of January 6th.

Keep in mind that immediately following the event of January 6th, Fine stated that he believed those who participated should receive the death penalty.

During the interview, he was going to be questioned about him instructing a West Melbourne City Councilman to destroy public records related to him threatening to cut $1,000,000 in funding for the Special Olympics and half a million dollars in funding for flood prevention in West Melbourne because the West Melbourne Police invited Jenifer Jenkins to participate in a fundraise for the Special Olympics. The reporters ran out of time for the comments.

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