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Randy Fine’s wife performs in burlesque in sexually charged fundraiser for children, alongside the Rainbow Circus

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UPDATE: We just learned that Randy Fine is actually SPONSORING this year’s event with his campaign for Florida Senate.

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Florida State Representative Randy Fine has made it his mission to attack the LGBTQ+ community under the veil of “protecting children.” Today in the presentation of his bill HB 1423, he stated that allowing children to attend “Drag Queen Story time” is child abuse. His comment was in response to another representative challenging him on the parental rights of parents to decide where they can take their children. He stated no parent has the right to abuse their children.

Parents attending drag queen story time with their children.

Although his bill does not specifically mention drag queens, he has stated as recently as today, that is the intent of the bill. As he mentioned in closing on his bill today, he said the reason he brought this bill forward was because of the City of Melbourne permitting the Space Coast Pride Festival which included (as it has each year) drag queen story time. Fine demanded that the City of Melbourne revoke the permit which they did not. Mayor Paul Alfrey defended the event stating it was their constitutional right to have it.

It appears that Fine’s wife, Wendy is a bit more flexible on what is and isn’t appropriate when it comes to children.

In April of 2021, Wendy Fine participated in a fundraiser for children with autism in Brevard County. From photos and videos of the event, Fine, scantly dressed in burlesque/lingerie, performed sexually charged and provocative dance routines on stage alongside members of the LGBTQ+ community for the audience in exchange for money….for children.

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A YouTube video was taken down of the performance for violating its terms and policies. According to some who attended the event, there were members of the audience under the age of 18 believed to be special needs. A toddler can be seen in a video from last year’s event. The event’s website does not say it’s for over the ages of 18. According to the website, Wendy Fine is the Chair for the event.

The event also featured amazing performances by Miami-based Rainbow Circus. This year’s event on April 15th, will also feature the Rainbow Circus.

Under Fine’s proposed bill, the venue which allowed the event, and those who allowed children to attend it (even their parents) can now be criminally charged for doing such. The city officials who allow a permit for such an event could also be criminally charged, and the venue would be subject to losing their alcohol license.

The fundraiser is certainly for a good cause to help special needs children, however, most of the fundraisers appear to be what many would consider (especially Randy Fine) sexually charged. For example, this year the foundation is selling a swimsuit edition calendar featuring its dancers of the past.

Wendy Fine attended the event with her mother, and Randy’s mother Harriet loved the photos she posted. Here Wendy is seen posing with her mother prior to changing into her sexual performance attire.

Members of the performance dancing to

The live performance was also live streamed on social media. Because of the vagueness of Randy’s HB 1423, it appears that simply live streaming a live performance like this would also fall under the criminal nature of his bill.

To be clear, our intent is not to criticize the event itself because it is for a good cause. The point to be made is that legislation that is clearly being used as retaliation (as Randy himself states) can have unintended consequences, which may cause harm to those closest to you. Clearly, the members of Randy Fine’s closest family members do not share the same motivation or views he does, and are not interested in settling political scores with city council members that defy him. Under Randy’s logic, his wife would be considered a child abuser.

This is coming from the same man who called a local school board member a “whore” and threatened to pull money from the Special Olympics for not “honoring” him.

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