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Randy Fine’s shocking “entertainment” expenses and extravagant Vegas Trips on everyone’s dime but his: he’s holding a fundraiser tomorrow

According to State Representative Rand Fine’s own financial disclosure forms, he has a net-worth of over $20,000,000 earned from running casinos. He likes to frequently remind people of his net-worth on social media.

Tomorrow, he is having a fundraiser for his re-election campaign and his political action committee (PAC) under the name of Friends of Randy Fine. A quick look at the campaign finance reporting of his PAC shows that he seems to be living quite the life at the expense of his donors. Whether or not his donors are aware of what he actually spends their money on is another story.

It is also reported that some of the individuals he has listed on his most recent fundraising committee have asked to have their names removed, but he has yet to do so. It’s not clear if there will be ”entertainment” at the fundraiser he is holding at the Eau Gallie Yacht Club.

Since starting his PAC, he has spent over $697,000 of donor’s money. That is separate from his election campaign account. His actual election campaign account only lists a modest $504,000 in expenditures for a total spent of just over $1.2 million.

Here is a breakdown of some of the surprising numbers. All of these numbers are public record and can be seen for yourself at this link.


$14,791 on “entertainment” at places like the Bellagio and Venetian in Vegas, Disney tickets, and other luxurious steak houses.

$9,107 on “entertainment” to Tampa Bay cheerleader who now owns a “consulting firm,” Samantha Blair. (plus another $10,450 to her firm Capital Campaign Group)

Political Consultant Samantha Blair

$547 in fuel (Randy drives a Tesla and also charges his account for charging his car).

$6,451 to himself reimbursing himself for a Las Vegas fundraising trip. (same week of $9k to Samantha Blair for entertainment)

$47,553 in Legal Fees

$5,800 in lodging (Gaylord Palms, Venetian, Ritz Carlton)

$7,982 on individual meals

$40,400 in political polling fees

$6,243 to himself again to reimburse himself for “entertainment”

$10,306 in reimbursing Samantha Blair directly again for “expenses”

$3,000 to himself for a sponsorship in his name to the Republican Jewish Coalition

$8,000 to the Republican Jewish Coalition directly

$7,485 in travel expenses

$395,000 in contributions to other political campaigns

$20,000 in consulting fees to Florida Finance Strategies

$57,000 to the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) plus another $25,000 to the House Majority (which may be why they wont hold him accountable for violating rules and laws in the House)

$1,000 to himself for “Bush event reimbursement”

$5,637 to himself for “expenses”

$5,500 to himself for a “conference expense”

If you’re keeping count, Fine has paid himself $31,000 directly under the vague purposes of “expenses.”


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