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Midterm Election Predictions


Most publications won’t do it, but every election, we submit our predictions for the outcomes. Based on fundraising/spending, polling, turn-out by precinct and party, and historical data; we make the following predictions county level and up, and some municipalities. Predictions without a percentage did not have enough data to make percentage predictions.

Predicted Countywide Turnout 57%

Florida U.S. Senator

Marco Rubio 54% Val Demmings 46%

Florida Governor

Ron DeSantis 56% Charlie Crist 44%

Florida’s 8th Congressional District

Bill Posey 57% Joanne Terry 43%

County Commission District 2

Tom Goodson 65% Dontavious Smith 35%

County Commission District 4

Rob Feltner 95%

School Board District 2

Gene Trent 52% Erin Dunn 48%

County Judge Group 4

Kimberly Musselman 53% Rene Tropy 47%

Florida House 33

Randy Fine 52% Anthony Yantz 48%

City of Cocoa District 1

Alex Goins

City of Cocoa District 2

Lorraine Koss

City of Cocoa Beach Commissioner Seat 2

Keith Capizzi

City of Cocoa Beach Commissioner Seat 4

Joshua Jackson

City of Cocoa Beach Commissioner Seat 5

Jeremy Hutcherson

City of Melbourne City Council District 2

Mark LaRusso 52% Shawn Allred 48%

City of Melbourne City Council District 4

Rachel Basset 53% Alison Dietrich 47%

City of Melbourne City Council District 6

Julie Sanders 53% Adam Woodworth 47%

City of Palm Bay City Council Seat 4

Kenny Johnson 54% Nathan White 46%

City of West Melbourne City Council

John Dittmore, Andrea Young, Diana Adams



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