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Major update on Kamari who continues to fight after being shot in the head

Update on Kamauri 2/8/24 by Katie Maddox

We just left a hospital visit with Kamauri…and I’ll be honest, we needed to see this tonight. Kamauri has been moved from ICU to a Pediactric Neuro Floor.

We walked in tonight with Kamauri’s friend, mentor, and former basketball coach who made the trip with us tonight…and Kamauri immediately lifted his arm and hand to handshake with him❤️

He smiled when he was told a basketball teammate was talking trash on the court, his eyes got huge when he was told someone brought him a basketball as a gift, he was fist bumping the visitors and nurses and gave thumbs up as an answer to questions- APPROPRIATELY!!!

He gave permission by giving us this thumbs up attached, to show all of you that he is fighting and he is there! His raod will still be long…he needs prayers continuously for complete healing and recovery, for no infections to arise, and wisdom for his medical team.

Seeing him progress doesn’t mean we stop, it means we ramp it up and show him what his community can do, and most importantly allow him to see what his God can do through the power of prayer❤️

What an amazing thing to be able to support Kamauri and Chari (his dad) in the toughest time of their lives. Keep showing them love- you all have been amazing!!!

You can donate to the GoFundMe at this link and follow his progress. https://gofund.me/942acd3d

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