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“I’m from the hood and I’ll cut you to pieces” Details emerge from arrest of school custodian charged with aggravated assault to a student

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Last Thursday, James Mason Baillargeon, a school custodian at Space Coast Jr/Sr High School was arrested.

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According to public records, Baillargeon has been charged with 2 felonies.

  • Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
  • Child abuse without great bodily harm
  • Improper exhibition of a weapon on school property

The arrest affidavit describes the incident below.

On Thursday, January 19, 2023, at approximately 1508 hours, the defendant, a custodian for Space Coast Jr/Sr High School, threatened a 14 year old student with a razor scraper. The victim reported he was in a bathroom within the school and the defendant was working on a toilet within the same bathroom. Another student entered the bathroom and asked what the janitor was doing and quickly left. As the victim walked out of the bathroom, the defendant walked closely behind and removed a razor scraper from his pocket and exposed the blade. The defendant made comments that he was “from the hood’ and he needed to be respected. The victim further stated the defendant told him he would “cut him in to pieces.”

The victim was in close proximity to the defendant and was afraid the defendant was going to hurt him. The victim walked away from the defendant and immediately reported the incident to his teacher, who notified school administration. There were several other students present in the hallway when the incident occurred, and they provided similar statements in that the defendant made statements he was “from the hood” and needed to be respected, and that he pulled out a box cutter or razor blade and held it in a threatening manner.

Upon interviewing the defendant at his home, in non-custodial manner, he stated he was in the bathroom using a plunger to unclog a toilet. A student walked in the bathroom and yelled out that it looked like the defendant was “jerking off.” The defendant also heard this student yell out several more times that it looked like he was jerking off.” The defendant admitted he was frustrated and has trouble with the students not respecting him.

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The defendant removed the razor scraper from his pocket and intentionally exposed the blade. The defendant was angry and spoke in an aggressive and threatening manner, while holding the razor scraper. The defendant knew he should not have acted the way he did and regretted his actions. The defendant described the razor scraper to be a tool he used for scraping gum and stickers off of the floors, and it worked well because it had such a sharp blade on it.

Due to the facts and circumstances surrounding this incident, the statements from the victim and witnesses, the defendant’s confession, and the totality of the circumstances, probable cause existed for the arrest of the defendant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

In continuation to the original arrest affidavit, probable cause was also established for the arrest of the defendant for child abuse and possessing a weapon on school property.

The defendant committed child abuse against the victim because the defendant’s intentional actions of threatening the victim with the razor scraper could reasonably be expected to result in physical or mental injury to the victim. in addition, at the time of the incident, the defendant was on school grounds, during school hours, and exhibited the razor scraper in the presence of several students in a rude, careless, angry, and threatening manner and not in lawful self-defense.

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