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Election Day Primary Predictions

Most publications won’t do it, but every election, we submit our predictions for the outcomes. Primary races are very hard to predict because the data is limited, and difficult to assign to each individual candidate. Based on fundraising/spending, polling, turn-out by precinct and party, and historical data; we make the following predictions county level and up.

Florida Governor Democrat Primary

Charlie Crist 58% Nikki Fried 42%

Florida’s 8th Congressional District Democrat Primary

Danelle Dodge 52% Joanne Terry 48%

County Commission District 2

Tom Goodson 38% Chris Hattaway 27% Joey Cholewa 18% Dave Netterstrom 17%

County Commission District 4

Rob Feltner 53% Sandra Sullivan 29% David Armstrong 18%

School Board District 1

Megan Wright 53% Misty Belford 47%

School Board District 2 (Top 2 go to November Ballot if no one reaches 50%)

Erin Dunn 35% Gene Trent 30% Courtney Lewis 27% Shawn Overdorf 8%

School Board District 5

Katye Campbell 55% Kim Hough 45%

County Judge Group 2

Kelly Ingram 68% David Baker 32%

County Judge Group 4

Rene Tropy 41% Kimberly Musselman 39% Rodney Edwards 20%

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