Last week, we reported that the one of the owner’s of Legacy Pools, Charles “Chad Black, was arrested in Brevard County on an out-of-county arrest warrant for Osceola County on felony fraud charges. He has since bonded out, and awaiting court. He has plead not guilty.

Details about the specifics of the case were released today in the Osceola’s Courts. The case it seems, is very similar to the dozens of complaints residents of Brevard County have shared from their experiences with Legacy Pools. It is not clear if criminal complaints have been made to local law enforcement agencies, or if criminal investigations are ongoing for the residents here.

Below is the narrative of the arrest affidavit.


  1. I’m willing to testify against chad. I have videos pictures of the worksite and me doing some work due to it being danger site for kids like filling in holes left from pipe lay after 4 months and putting up safety net (which they left laying on the ground. I even have some recordings of phone conversations with the office). Paid more than 80 percent of the pool and waited for 2 years, finally decided to take it in my control under homeowner.


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