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Bloodshed in Broad Daylight: Walmart Parking Lot Carjacking, Kidnapping, and Stabbing

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Merritt Island, FL – A routine day turned into a scene of chaos and violence in the parking lot of a Walmart in Merritt Island, Brevard County, as law enforcement officials responded to a distressing altercation that led to the arrest of Luis Moises Ortiz-Roman on Tuesday, April 2, 2024.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) was flooded with 911 calls from alarmed witnesses reporting a violent struggle inside a maroon minivan. Upon arrival, deputies were informed that the vehicle involved was seen speeding away from the scene, with a male covered in blood making a desperate escape from it.

In a prompt response to the emergency, Deputy Chandler Davis spotted the aforementioned vehicle, a Dodge Caravan, attempting to flee the area. The suspect, later identified as Luis Moises Ortiz-Roman, a homeless man residing in Orlando, halted the vehicle abruptly and surrendered to the authorities, although the van continued to roll, nearly missing a deputy and colliding with a patrol car.

Ortiz-Roman, 28, was found to be drenched in blood but bore no visible injuries. He was apprehended without further incidents. A subsequent search led to the discovery of Troy Edmond Manning, the victim, who was found severely injured with multiple stab and puncture wounds. Manning was swiftly transported to Cape Canaveral Hospital and later airlifted to Holmes Regional Medical Center, highlighting the severity of his condition.

The arrest affidavit reveals a harrowing narrative where Ortiz-Roman claimed the altercation ensued after Manning attacked him. According to Ortiz-Roman, a struggle over a knife resulted in him gaining the upper hand and using it against Manning. This statement came even as Ortiz-Roman was being evaluated by medical personnel, showing no signs of defensive wounds.

The investigation uncovered a bloody scene within and around the Dodge Caravan, suggesting a violent struggle had occurred. Found evidence included the victim’s belongings and a metal folding knife, which bore traces of blood and seemed to have been used in the altercation.

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Ortiz-Roman faces serious charges including kidnapping, armed carjacking, attempted second-degree murder, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, marking a shocking episode of violence in the community.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office continues its thorough investigation into the incident, piecing together the events that led to this brutal attack. The community remains in shock as more details emerge about the altercation that has left one man fighting for his life and another behind bars, facing the consequences of a daylight confrontation turned violent.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of public safety and the swift response of Brevard County’s law enforcement in protecting its citizens.


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