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“We don’t serve f*ggot beer.” Grills Seafood gets rid of Bud Light at all locations; reportedly destroys inventory

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Several social media post appeared yesterday from local patrons who went to Grills Seafood at the Cape Canaveral and Melbourne locations. The post all shared the same theme; being refused to be served Bud Light. The decision seemed to be sudden and immediate as one diner described being served Bud Light at the beginning of her meal, but they would not bring the second order.

We called and spoke to the manager, “Joy” at the Cape Canaveral location, and she confirmed the information. “We no longer serve Bud Light,” she said. We asked her if that included all Anheuser Busch products and she stated no, only Bud Light, effective as of yesterday and it is for all 3 locations.

She would not state if it was in response to the controversial can that Bud Light created as a gift to transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney that has caused quite a controversy. The can is not for sale to the public, but was made as a gift specifically for Mulvaney. Kid Rock made a video of himself shooting cans of Bud Light in response to the can in protest. However, shortly after, a photo resurfaced of him drinking Bud Light while partying with drag queens.

2003 photo of Kid Rock with Drag Queen Wanda

One customer posted on social media yesterday that he witnessed the staff at the Cape location throwing away all of their Bud Light and setting the kegs out in the sun to spoil so that they can claim credit for the bad beer. He also states that he heard the manager state “We don’t serve faggot beer.” When we asked the manager about these claims, she stated that “I’m not going to comment on that, you’re asking personal questions.”

Other members from the food service industry stated that the practice of intentionally destroying beer in order to receive a credit could be constituted as fraud. We reached out to the local Carroll Distributing manager in regards to this, and are waiting on a response.

Here are two reported incidents from yesterday from two separate locations and customers.

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We reached out to Joe Penovich, the owner of Grills Seafood for comment, but have not gotten a response yet.

This isn’t the first time Grills has made news on controversial topics. In Septmeber 2021 during Covid, Joe stated that “God told me not to get this vaccine.” During that time a vaccine mandate was being pushed, and he stated that he would not require his employees to get it.

The statement comes as a response to President Joe Biden’s mandate that requires all employers across the country that have more than 100 workers, require to have those employees vaccinated or be tested for the virus weekly.

Anheuser Busch sells much more than just Bud Light, including many of the other brands that Grills Seafood is selling. Here is a list of all of their beverages.

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