Vice Mayor Alfrey Investigated for Mishandling Narcotics; Findings Were Sustained and Recommended Removal from Unit However He Already Resigned


Yesterday we reported on the false claims of Melbourne Vice Mayor Paul Alfrey’s representations of being a retired police officer. Despite is vehement denial, we still stand by that reporting. According to the city’s Human Resources and all records available, he is not retired. He voluntarily resigned.

After being formally reprimanded for the incident we outlined in the previous article, a new Internal Affairs investigation was initiated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for the mishandling of narcotics issues to Alfrey for training his K-9 officer.

His then supervisor Sergeant Sadoff (Husband of current Clerk or Courts Candidate Rachael Sadoff) recommended removal of Alfrey from the unit because of his repeated history of violations. After this investigation was completed and sustained however, Alfrey offered his resignation from the department and was no longer employed so no action could be taken as documented below. This is consistent with what we reported yesterday that he resigned in order to avoid further disciplinary action or termination.

Also displayed here is a lengthy list of complaints and founded violations and disciplinary actions taken against Alfrey during his career at Melbourne Police Department. Despite his denials and claims that these things are false, the public record and evidence shows otherwise.

According to a separate FBI report of David Isnardi, Alfrey was contacted by Isnardi in order to attempt to frame a Palm Bay city councilman by placing illegal drugs in his vehicle.

There are other Internal Affairs investigations on Vice Mayor Alfrey that have very concerning allegations. He is currently up for re-election.

The full investigation is over 100 pages but can be downloaded here should you wish to review it in its entirety. This is all public information and can be accessed by anyone by calling (321) 608-7800.


  1. Paul knows the truth and has begun to believe his own lies. Paul don’t make us reveal the rest of your little past. Stop lying to the people and own it.

  2. Alfrey was a terrible cop and was lucky he wasnt fired a long time before this. The fact that he is lying about this is hilarious. Glad he got called out.


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