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Representative Anna Eskamani’s twin sister robbed while walking home

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From her Facebook page:

My twin sister was just robbed walking from Burtons to our home in Thornton Park. She is safe, but shooken up. It was a dark red sedan with two skinny masked men that jumped out and stole her purse off Jefferson near Howard Middle School at around 11:20pm. If anyone has ring or camera footage please send to me: anna@annaforflorida.com

We are hoping her purse (which had sentimental items in it) can be found. If you see a small black purse on the ground somewhere it might be hers. Please also email me.

If you text her please give her some time to respond. I know she appreciates any kind words but is overwhelmed right now.

Please protect one another, look out & report suspicious activity and ALWAYS trust your gut.

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