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Palm Bay Candidate Arrested for DUI/Theft, Separated from BCSO after 2 months

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Public records obtained by The Space Coast Rocket reveal that Chandler Langevin, a candidate for Palm Bay City Council Seat 3, was previously employed by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) but was separated very shortly after being hired. His employment lasted a total of about 2 months. We sought these records when we discovered his prior employment with BCSO, but never listed it on his platform, or any public employment history. This information raises significant questions about his integrity and fitness for office, especially given his platform as a “law and order” candidate and his vocal/public criticism of his opponents’ past misdeeds.

Hypocrisy in Public and Private Life

Langevin has made a point of emphasizing his commitment to law and order, even going as far as to criticize his opponents for their criminal records. He referred to Peter J. Filiberto, another candidate for the council seat, as “Crack Socks” and listed his various charges, including possession of crack cocaine and DUI. Similarly, he criticized Logan Luse for a DUI arrest, urging him to step down to preserve the integrity of the party. Chandler was originally running against Logan Luse for the Florida House District 33 race, but dropped out after receiving little to no support. He is now running for Palm Bay City Council. He ran for Florida House last election as well but failed to qualify for his race.

However, it has come to light that Langevin himself has a history of legal troubles. According to the records from BCSO, Langevin was arrested himself for a DUI, but did not disclose the location. He also admits to being arrested as a juvenile for theft. While he admitted these offenses during his background check with BCSO, he has never disclosed them publicly. Additionally, his employment with BCSO ended in May 2019, when he submitted a letter of resignation for “personal reasons,” which is often offered as an option in lieu of termination for another reason.

Screenshot of Chandler’s published “platform”

A Hidden Employment History

Despite his strong stance on law enforcement, Langevin has never mentioned his employment with BCSO in his campaign materials or public statements. When asked about his time with the Sheriff’s Office, Langevin declined to respond. This lack of transparency is concerning, particularly for a candidate who promotes accountability and integrity.

Inconsistencies with Proclaimed Values

Langevin also emphasizes his Christian faith, claiming to put God first in everything he does. Yet, records show he has been living with his girlfriend/fiance’ (who was also arrested for DUI) for the past two years, a living arrangement that some may see as inconsistent with the traditional Christian values he claims to put first. This discrepancy between his proclaimed values and his actions further calls into question his sincerity and integrity. He has also recently publicly proclaimed that we should raise our children to look up to confederate soldiers.

His faince’, Jade Zalewski works on several campaings in Brevard County to include State Representative Randy Fine.

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Chandler with fiance’ Jade
Chandler speaking to a group of kids about honoring the Confederacy.

Questioning His Fitness for Office

The discovery of Langevin’s undisclosed past, combined with his harsh criticisms of others for similar behaviors, paints a picture of hypocrisy. If Langevin cannot live up to the values he proclaims to hold dear, it becomes challenging to trust that he will uphold the promises he makes as a candidate. His failure to disclose his employment with BCSO when pressed, and the reasons for his separation suggests a willingness to hide uncomfortable truths, a trait unbecoming of a public servant.

Chandler, Jade, and Palm Bay candidate Nathan White

As voters consider their choices for Palm Bay City Council, they must weigh the importance of transparency, integrity, and accountability. Chandler Langevin’s undisclosed past and the apparent contradictions between his words and actions cast doubt on his suitability for office. It is essential for voters to have complete and honest information about the candidates seeking to represent them, and Langevin’s lack of disclosure while criticizing opponents with the same behavior as his raises serious concerns about his fitness to serve.

The Space Coast Rocket will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available and urges all candidates to practice full transparency with the electorate.

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