Melbourne City Council Candidate David Neuman arrested on burglary charges

As we enter the home stretch of 2020 election, more and more evidence of the history of candidates surfaces. The latest is an arrest of David Neuman who is running against Yvonne Minus for Melbourne City Council.

According to court records, Neuman was arrested in Maryland on June 1, 2013 on charges of Burglary 4th Degree of a store.

Neuman, who is 29 years old appears to have received probation for the offense, and then later had his record expunged, however, it does still show up in background checks and Maryland did confirm the arrest.


  1. Dirty local Politicians. The ones having sketchy backgrounds seem to run in the same circles. Why would we vote for candidates with a background like Medina? Or the corrupt Melbourne Vice Mayor Paul Alfrey? I know some voters only care to see if the Candidate is an R or a D. But, we should vote for the betterment of our City. Keep out the ones with serious public records like dirty resigned cop Alfrey.


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