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Fine’s Trump endorsement at risk after Jan 6 comments and failure to pay campaign contribution % to Trump campaign for endorsement

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State Representative Randy Fine was one of the first to endorse Governor Ron DeSantis’ Presidential campaign. When it became clear that DeSantis’ campaign would not be successful, Fine was the first in Florida to jump ship from team DeSantis, and jump on the bandwagon of team Trump. Addicted to headlines almost as much as he’s addicted to Facebook likes, Fine’s move made national headlines as he claimed, as usual with his opponents, DeSantis wasn’t vocal against anti-Semetism.

After paying top dollar for several high-profile events, and endless praise, Fine eventually landed an endorsement from former President Trump for his troubled bid for Florida Senate. It’s not common that you see a former President endorsing a local level election, but everything has a price, including an endorsement from Trump. Now Fine’s investment is at risk as his own words about January 6th have resurfaced after Trump called those arrested for their actions warriors, victims, and hostages at a rally in Nevada Sunday. Fine called them “dirtbags” and called for the death penalty for them back in 2021. According to a close friend, Fine is also upset over Trump’s remarks of calling them “hostages” while Fine is currently on another tax-payer funded trip to Israel where he says there are “real hostages” being held in Gaza, yet he refuses to criticize Trump publicly as he did DeSantis.

“There has never been people treated more horrifically than J6 hostages,” Trump said.

Trump has also stated that he will likely pardon all of those convicted for their crimes on January 6th. So far, over 700 people have been convicted and over 400 sentenced to some prison time for the events of that infamous day.

But that’s not the only thing finding Fine in hot water with the Trump campaign. Trump’s campaign has implemented a policy where down-ballot candidates who use his name, image, and likeness for fundraising must contribute a minimum of 5% of their fundraising proceeds to his campaign. Fine has plastered his endorsement by Trump on every sign, social media account, banner, and everything else he can.


In an attempt to make up for not donating to the campaign, Fine tweeted after Trump’s felony convictions to not donate money to himself, but to donate to Trump’s campaign instead. Outside of lobbyists and special interest PAC’s like the gambling industry, Fine’s own donors have been very few. His call to action to donate to the Trump campaign instead of his likely netted less than what he spends on meals and entertainment according to his own campaign finance reports.

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