Every Video of KYLE RITTENHOUSE (KENOSHA SHOOTING) Including first shooting

This is every known video available of the incident. This includes the video of the first shooting.


  1. Unfortunate preventable sad night, please love your neighbors!
    All of this was unnecessary.
    Thank-you for compiling the videos in 1 place i tried many “news” outlets for the first video, and only could find their written interpretation of it.
    Its good to have the real footage and evidence rather than being told what to think and what happened.
    A jury will decide if it is justified. I wish we had evidence of the confrontation before the chase and the shooting, but you can see that he was pursued from the beginning, and he did not just trip As many reporters state. He was kicked and tripped.
    And those shot, did not look like protesters to me, they were rioters, and were clearly attacking him, maybe he attacked them first?

  2. Why have the charged him? The crowd would CLEARLY have killed him, so it’s BLATANTLY self defence. If the protestors were “peaceful”, and “exercising their first amendment rights”, why did they have guns, knives, iron bars etc? They are not peaceful. They are worthless thugs who are better of dead. Kyle did everyone a favour by shooting them. He should be given an award, not a prison sentence.

  3. Not only should the charges against Rittenhouse be dropped, he should msue every news outlet refusing to provide completely factual evidence based coverage for defamation. The responsible staff members should also be charged with criminal defamation for deliberately threatening his freedom and endangering his life with provably false accusations. He clearly fired only after being pursued and assaulted by multiple armed assailants.

    • Rittenhouse went across a state line with a gun he had no right to even own, with no training or authorization to carry a military weapon into a known area of protesting and rioting. What could go wrong? Everything that happened that night is Rittenhouses’s fault.

  4. You’re missing just one, the one of the first victim telling him to shoot him several times, shortly prior to chasing him towards the car lot. I guess we’re going to pretend this one does not exist for now. I definitely understand why as some may consider it to be the victim villainizing himself. He definitely had it out for himself. We’ve already seen it though.

    • That never happened.

      He was chased away from his first post (convo clip) when the Zombie Mob found out he was there to protect businesses the Mob was trying to destroy, they then chased him all the way to the sight of the first death, where the victim threw an object wrapped in a plastic bag and LUNGED AT Kyle.

      You don’t need to ask if you are getting attacked, because it’s obvious by then.

  5. Maybe it was self defense, videos seem to point in that direction, but his 17 year old ass shouldn’t have been out there in the first place and some blame should be set on his parents.

  6. Shooting a guy with an assault rifle who just threw a plastic bag with some stuff in it at you or because he’s chasing you is not justifiable self defense — you crazed idiots.

    The general legal concept of self defense requires use of the same amount of force as what is being threatened upon the person attempting to defend themselves. Bring a Gun to a gun fight…etc.

    If they can prove the first guy had a gun then ok — otherwise — this is voluntary manslaughter at best.

    Know the law.

    This kid is a coward and a murderer. After he shot the first person he knew he had killed him. It was a head shot. He should have put his gun down and turned himself in.

    He was looking for trouble.

    If he had laid down his weapon the mob might have beat him but they would have ultimately delivered him to the police.

    But he wouldn’t give up his gun…

    So the mob continued to engage him and try to disarm him so then he shot two other people.

    This second set of shootings are more justifiable but the first is not.

    Kid will go to jail as he should.

    • that isn’t how it works. It’s like with a police officer, if they are unarmed but reaching for your gun you can shoot them. That’s exactly what happened here, he was chased by a violent man, in immediate fear of SBI (serious bodily injury) and the man lunged for his gun. And who in their right mind would lay down their gun in front of mad angry people attacking him, the possibility of one of them picking it up and using it is tremendous. He kept it for self-defense and he ran away, they chased him.

    • This is the most moronic comment i have read in my life, lay down your gun?? Yeah i’m sure they’ll just beat him up! like that guy with the gun
      You would have died in this scenario.

  7. Wow u r stupid. self defense only requires one be in imminent fear of great bodily harm or death. There is no mention of the force must be equal to the force used to defend oneself. At least not in any self-defense law I have ever seen and I have done years of research and study on the matter.

  8. maybe anyone with sympathy for Joseph Rosenbaum & Anthony Huber can write their victims and show some for them. You know like the 5 young boys all under 11 that were raped by Joseph in the ass? or his spouse he beat? Not opinion but fact. He was charged and convicted of these crimes. he was out on bond for battery that night when he swore to go do damage to PEOPLE and things. I sleep just fine donating to kyle. please donate to help him fight this case. all three people he shot all had criminal records and were all there to do damage to people and things and all three said they were.


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