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Every Video of KYLE RITTENHOUSE (KENOSHA SHOOTING) Including first shooting

This is every known video available of the incident. This includes the video of the first shooting.


  1. Unfortunate preventable sad night, please love your neighbors!
    All of this was unnecessary.
    Thank-you for compiling the videos in 1 place i tried many “news” outlets for the first video, and only could find their written interpretation of it.
    Its good to have the real footage and evidence rather than being told what to think and what happened.
    A jury will decide if it is justified. I wish we had evidence of the confrontation before the chase and the shooting, but you can see that he was pursued from the beginning, and he did not just trip As many reporters state. He was kicked and tripped.
    And those shot, did not look like protesters to me, they were rioters, and were clearly attacking him, maybe he attacked them first?

  2. Why have the charged him? The crowd would CLEARLY have killed him, so it’s BLATANTLY self defence. If the protestors were “peaceful”, and “exercising their first amendment rights”, why did they have guns, knives, iron bars etc? They are not peaceful. They are worthless thugs who are better of dead. Kyle did everyone a favour by shooting them. He should be given an award, not a prison sentence.

  3. Not only should the charges against Rittenhouse be dropped, he should msue every news outlet refusing to provide completely factual evidence based coverage for defamation. The responsible staff members should also be charged with criminal defamation for deliberately threatening his freedom and endangering his life with provably false accusations. He clearly fired only after being pursued and assaulted by multiple armed assailants.

  4. You’re missing just one, the one of the first victim telling him to shoot him several times, shortly prior to chasing him towards the car lot. I guess we’re going to pretend this one does not exist for now. I definitely understand why as some may consider it to be the victim villainizing himself. He definitely had it out for himself. We’ve already seen it though.


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