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Cocaine, weed, alcohol: Details emerge on children abandoned on island over 4 hours at night

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In the early hours of May 26th, 2024, Officer Abrahamsen responded to a distress call at 698 Jackson Ct., Satellite Beach, Florida. Upon arrival at approximately 1:06 AM, Officer Abrahamsen encountered Leonard Nile, who was identified via his Florida Driver License. Nile was behaving erratically, yelling, and displaying significant mood swings, even crying at times while expressing concern over missing children. His erratic behavior and the noticeable odor of alcohol led Officer Abrahamsen to conclude that Nile was likely under the influence of narcotics.

Nile explained that he and his companion, Kayla Campbell, identified via FCIC/NCIC, had planned to camp on Samson Island, directly across a canal from where they were met by the officer. According to their account, they had left two children on the island with a dog while they went to retrieve camping equipment from a nearby boat ramp. Despite technical difficulties with their boat, Nile and Campbell drove an SUV to meet Officer Abrahamsen in an attempt to locate the missing children. It was later revealed that both Nile and Campbell were driving with suspended Florida Driver Licenses.

Officer Abrahamsen found it challenging to gather a coherent statement from Nile or Campbell due to their apparent intoxication. Both seemed to believe that two children were left on the island, but the officer discovered through four independent witnesses that three children had been abandoned. One of the children was specifically mentioned by a witness who overheard the children’s cries and brought them to his residence before contacting the authorities.

Another witness reported seeing Nile leave the boat ramp around 8:00 PM, appearing to be under the influence of drugs. This meant the children were left alone for over four hours without any access to food, shelter, water, or other essential necessities. The children, who were in a state of fear, later confirmed that they did not want to return to Kayla Campbell, who was already on bond for a previous child neglect charge and was prohibited from contacting them.

Further investigation revealed that Nile admitted to smoking marijuana, consuming cocaine, and drinking beer prior to meeting Officer Abrahamsen. Additionally, important medication required by one of the children was left in Nile’s truck, adding to the neglectful conditions the children endured.

Ultimately, Leonard Nile was placed under arrest for child neglect and handed over to Deputy Durrance of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Transport Unit.

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Details of Kaya’s previous arrest:

On March 27, 2024, Officer Otto responded to a verbal argument at [redacted location]. The dispatch indicated that Kayla Campbell was drunk and causing a disturbance. Officer Ethier arrived approximately 10 minutes later and found Campbell inside her vehicle parked outside her apartment.

Upon approaching Campbell, the officer immediately noticed the strong odor of alcohol on her breath, and observed that she was slurring her words and struggling to answer basic questions. Campbell repeatedly stated she “can’t handle this” and “needs her oxygen,” while appearing visibly upset. The apartment was in disarray, with dishes piled up and an alcohol bottle on the table. Campbell admitted to drinking earlier but could not provide clear answers about her current state.

During this interaction, it was revealed that a verbal argument had occurred between Campbell and another individual, who was trying to take her phone away for safety reasons. The argument escalated when Campbell attempted to grab her phone and the other person called 911. In the struggle, Campbell sustained an injury to her arm, with a quarter-sized piece of skin pulled back and bleeding. Despite this, she refused medical attention and declined to press charges.

Campbell then left the residence to drink at a bar, Be Back’s, which was approximately 1.4 miles away. She left her four juvenile children unattended at home. The children had not eaten since the previous night and had been left alone for hours. One of the children stated that Campbell often leaves them for extended periods without informing them of her whereabouts.

Due to Campbell’s intoxicated state, Officer Ethier attempted to have her exit the vehicle, which she initially refused. When she eventually exited, she tried to grab the officer’s phone to prevent communication with dispatch. Despite this, she was arrested without further incident.

Campbell was charged with Battery (Domestic Violence), Child Neglect (4 counts), and Deprivation of 911. She was transported to the Melbourne Police Department before being turned over to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

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