Alfrey caught publishing a “forged” email appearing to be from Police Chief, then deletes it


In a now deleted Facebook comment, Melbourne’s Vice Mayor Paul Alfrey posted a screenshot of an email from 2011 that appeared to be to him from then Melbourne Chief of Police, Steve Mimbs.

Alfrey resigned from the police department apparently in order to avoid further disciplinary actions after numerous founded investigations into his behavior, although he still claims to be officially retired.

Alfrey posted the Facebook comment containing the email on his campaign Facebook page in what appears to be an attempt to show that despite reports, the Chief saw him favorably.

However, the email titled “Fwd: Evaluation” is from and to The Chief’s email address is nowhere within the email or the headers.

Further, a public records request to the city of Melbourne, returned no results of such an email ever existing. After the public records request was submitted, Alfrey went on Facebook and removed the post.

Here is a copy of the email he posted. This is the latest in a string of integrity issues with the Vice Mayor that have shown to be a pattern stemming from his law enforcement career and now into his campaign for Mayor of Melbourne.


  1. Hello Robert Burns, this is Paul Alfrey. That email is not a forgery and I stand by it 100 percent. I will also be submitting it as evidence for the lawsuit being filed next week by my family for you terrorizing us. Enjoy your deposition tomorrow for your current lawsuit and get used to seeing Mr. Lyons!


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