Applications have started coming in to fill the vacancy for Palm Bay’s City Council Seat 5 after Pete Filiberto’s resignation following his felony arrest.

According to the the City’s Charter, the vacancy is to be filled by appointment of the remaining City Council members by majority vote. Whoever is appointed will serve out the remainder of Filiberto’s term until the general election in November 2024.

The council voted to require that applicants submit to a criminal background check in order to be considered, along with the normal qualifications of a member of the council.

As of today, a total of 15 applications have been picked up from City Hall, and a total of 9 have actually been turned in for consideration.

The applications are public record, and we are including them as submitted for the public to view, along with a screen shot of their answer to the question of “why do you want to serve on City Council?” We are also including their age and party affiliation, although the position in non-partisan itself. Citizens have a total of 30 days to submit their application from the date of Filiberto’s resignation.

The applicants are as follows.

Alan Miles 67, Democrat

Alfred Agarie 61, Democrat

Eileen Sepp 71, Republican

Jimmy Backus 59, Republican

John Curry Jr. 54, Republican

Paul Warren 54, Republican

Randall Olszewski 30, NPA

Terry Muller 45, Democrat

William Capote 60, Democrat (Former Palm Bay Mayor)


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